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MJM 4 sterndrive performance test MJM 4 Diesel DPI - Welcome aboard the diesel-powered version of the impressive MJM 4 performance day yacht. We recently tested the MJM 4, looking specifically at her performance and handling as powered by the new Volvo Penta DPI advanced drives. We begin our look out of the water, with Volvo Penta’s twin, counter-rotating Duoprop propellers. This next-generation design features… Read More
MJM Founder’s New Book on Amazon - Time To Get Creative A page-turning business memoir and love story from this National Sailing Hall of Fame yachtsman, wrapped up in a narrative about problem-solving when following one’s dreams to create the leading performance brands in boating,... J/Boats and MJM Yachts. “A rollicking tale of a life well-lived. Anyone who loves sailing or is… Read More
MJM 4 Soundings article Dayboat Dream - The MJM 4 offers a glimpse at just how stylish and smart a modern bowrider can really be. Party guests are mingling near the docks at Sail Newport in Rhode Island as a harvest moon ascends over Brenton Cove like a deep-orange spotlight. Right on cue, the star of the show—the MJM 4—arrives to make… Read More
MJM 4 tested by power and motor yachts Tested: MJM 4 - A fast and treacherous passage past Hell Gate proves the MJM 4 nimble, stormworthy and fun as, well, hell. A pre-squall sprint from Connecticut to Jersey aboard an MJM 4 proves that comfort and speed can live in harmony. A last-minute request from Dan Harding, editor-in-chief of Power & Motoryacht magazine, recently found me rolling around… Read More
Yacht Company Sends New Employees Through BCCC Apprenticeship - WASHINGTON, N.C.— Large boat orders have picked up and manufacturing companies are frantically trying to keep up with the demand. Local yacht builder, Pamlico Yachtworks, LLC (PYW) has found that it needs all its skilled workers on the production line, cutting into its labor-intensive training process, even as it brings on new employees to accelerate… Read More
mjm 42 Evolution Of A Dream - Designed and built to supply comfort, performance, and safety, the new MJM 42 is all that...and much more. The new MJM 42 is a luxury, cruising oriented performance yacht with striking exterior lines and a dynamic interior designed for liveaboard cruising. Being able to occupy a very special place in the highly competitive and rarified… Read More
MJM 3 Express Yacht How MJM Yachts Uses Advanced Composites to Build Luxury Yachts - Boat manufacturers have long leaned on composite construction materials due to their high strength ratio to lightweight structure, among other features. However, advancements in the manufacturing process have set the standard for an unprecedented quality of luxury yachts. MJM Yachts integrates several advanced composites and procedures into our boat making process to provide each of… Read More
MJM New NC Factory The Perfect Combination - MJM puts the Down in Down East with a new factory in North Carolina In a lot of ways, it all started with dog food. Before he became the legendary proprietor of J/Boats, and long before he founded MJM Yachts in 2002, Bob Johnstone toiled away in the marketing department at Quaker Oats, trying to… Read More
MJM 3z Dual Console Tested: MJM 3 Dual Console - A new model, the MJM 3 Dual Console, and a new facility in North Carolina sparks the second act of MJM, and it’s off to a handsome start. Second Generation The MJM origin story is well documented and oft told. As he grew older, famed sailboat builder Bob Johnstone was looking to trade in his… Read More
MJM 4z MJM 4: Crossover Day Yacht Exudes ‘Hybrid Vigor’ - Biologists call ‘hybrid vigor’ the way offspring of parents of different species or varieties exhibit traits superior to either, even if they’re already standouts themselves. It’s easy to think of the new MJM 4 day yacht as exemplifying just such hybrid vigor! Credit goes to the ‘parents’ of this gorgeous hybrid: the expansive 38-foot dual… Read More
MJM 4z All New MJM 4 Crossover Day and Cruising Performance Yacht - Washington, N.C. – October 8, 2021 – Family-owned and-operated MJM Yachts introduces its latest high-tech performance yacht: the all-new MJM 4. Described as the “Evolution of the Day Yacht,” the MJM 4 made its world debut today at a press conference held at the United States Boat Show in Annapolis, Md. MJM Yachts are world-renowned… Read More
Yachting Review of the MJM 53z Double Duty - The latest dual-capability cruiser from MJM balances the scales between small-boat exploration and yachtlike comfort. Update: Since the release of our original story (which appears below) on the 53z, the builder launched an inboard version of the popular model, the 53zi. According to MJM, the triple IPS 53zi outperforms its competition by 10 knots, with… Read More
MJM Yachts 3z Southern Boating Out for the Day - MJM HITS THE MARK WITH ITS NEW DAY YACHT THAT CAN CRUISE THE ICW AND TACKLE THE OCEAN. By Steve Davis | Southern Boating Boats are described with catchphrases From the Bottom Up all the time, but when MJM tagged its new MJM 3 day yacht “all-weather,” it meant it. A cloudy afternoon turned to… Read More
35z cruising We Test the New MJM 35 with Twin Outboards. WOW! - It was a Chamber of Commerce summer morning when we headed out of Newport Shipyard on Zinnia, hull number one of the new MJM 35, with a beautiful light blue sky, the wind coming in from the ocean at an easy 15 knots or so, the waves on Narragansett Bay just about two feet with… Read More
mjm yachts 3z Line of Succession – Breakthrough Dual Console for Todays Boating Enjoyment - While knowing it would be making a splash with its new MJM 3 Outboard, MJM is instead creating a tidal wave of excitement in the under 40-foot market. Inspiration comes from many places. In the case of highly esteemed MJM, and as it has been from its inception in 2002 with the introduction of the… Read More
MJM 43z. Epic Performance. Now With Outboards or IPS Pod Drives. - New for 2020 MJM 43z With Efficient Volvo IPS 500 or 650 Pod Drives. Her IPS version boasts a top speed of 44.5 mph and category-leading efficiency (for half the trips to the fuel dock). For closeness and access to the water, you’ll love the large swim platform for relaxing or as an easy launch… Read More
29z Delivery Captain Rates the 29z Near Perfect After 650nm - Capt. Doug Sanders has driven just about everything during his 35 years as a delivery captain. As a professional captain of over 35 years, I have had the opportunity to operate a myriad of boats. Occasionally one stands out from all the others in its category. The MJM 29z, built by Boston Boatworks, is such… Read More
3z sea farer MJM 3® – Spirited Seafarer - With a lineup of Down East-style express cruisers from 35 to 53 feet length overall in inboard and outboard confi gyrations, MJM Yachts is now entering the dayboat market with its 35-foot MJM 3. Where the MJM 3 differs from it siblings is in its dayboat functionality. The vessel is open from the stern to… Read More
53z design driven Design Driven - The MJM 53z is a Down East-inspired design, accented by stainless-steel bow rails that average around 30 inches high and mirror the form of the yacht’s fine entry. The rails sweep down the vessel’s razorlike profile and resolve amidships, where a cleverly placed handrail on the hardtop takes over the safety-in-transit department. A trunk cabin… Read More
MJM 53z Reviewed: MJM 53z® - MJM introduces the outboard-powered, 50-knot 53z By Patrick Sciacca | Yachting The MJM 53z is a Down East-inspired design, accented by stainless-steel bow rails that average around 30 inches high and mirror the form of the yacht’s fine entry. The rails sweep down the vessel’s razorlike profile and resolve amidships, where a cleverly placed handrail… Read More
Come Along On A Sea Trial Of The MJM Yacht 53z® - Join us onboard the MJM Yacht 53z, the world’s largest outboard-powered express cruiser, to learn how she performs in this boat test. Click Here to Watch the Video on YouTube | Video Length 5:02 By: Christopher Hughes for MJM Yachts I'm on board the 53z, this is the world's largest outboard-powered Express cruiser. And I'm… Read More
MJM 53z Front Row Seat - It’s almost 10 a.m. and the 12 Metres have headed out to the racecourse for the third day of the 2019 World Champion- ships. Except for a lone tender, the docks at Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island, are empty. Then, MJM Yachts CEO Bob Johnstone pulls up in Breeze, the builder’s first 53z and… Read More
35z cruising Everything from A to Z - Appealing design, zippy outboard performance… the new MJM 35 is even more impressive than her award-winning predecessors. Even before I stepped on board the new MJM 35 in Newport, Rhode Island, early this summer, I expected to be impressed. After all, I have teted other MJM models over the years and always wanted to stay… Read More
35z top tender Currents > Top Tenders - Yachting Magazine MJM 35 Note the side-boarding doors to port and starboard in the cockpit of the MJM 35: They’re designed to be at floating-dock height, making it easy for owner-operators to walk the length of the flush-deck design and tie up the nearly 38-foot-long boat without help from the crew. Also in the practicality… Read More
35z scuttlebutt MJM Yachts – A Stunning Line For Comfort And Performance - It’s dark outside and you lay in bed, awake, turning each choice of boat over in your head, wondering which of them is “right,” which of them is worthy. Perhaps, instead, it’s when you step off your current boat on a beautifully sunny day after just finishing a glorious cruise and find yourself thinking, “If… Read More
MJM 29z: A Fast, Fuel Efficient Cruiser With Downeast Flair - By Gary Reich, Boats.com MJM Yachts, the brainchild of J Boats founder Bob Johnstone, has made a name for itself by conceiving and building high-performance, smart looking, fuel efficient Downeast cruisers such as the MJM 40z, but the boat builder’s 29z often gets left out of the discussion. That’s a shame, because even though it… Read More
How The MJM Yacht Design Makes For A Better Boating Experience - Learn about 2 of over 30 problems solved by the MJM Yachts design: Speed to outrun weather, and Overcoming rough sea conditions. Boating is fun, exciting, adventurous; it is also relaxing and creates lifelong memories.  Like anything in life, it doesn’t always go to plan when it comes to the weather, and this seems particularly true in boating. The MJM design philosophy has… Read More
MJM 50z Accommodations Versatility - Exploring the versatility of the second master suite and third cabin on the MJM Yachts 50z.   Click Here to Watch the Video | Video Length 1:46 The MJM Yachts 50z is an innovative luxury cruising yacht. Her beauty and lines come from a modern take on the classic Downey's design, along with her liveaboard comfort, one of her… Read More
5 Must Haves In An Express Cruiser - Whether you want a boat to take you from Boston to Nantucket or around the Great Loop, here are five things to look for in an express cruiser that make it up to the task..and way more fun to own. Weather protection. While we go boating to feel the wind in our hair and the… Read More
Three Strategies for Preventing the Corona Virus - You’re working remotely, monitoring the media reports-chances are you’re feeling the stress. Boating is a great escape. The stress-reducing power of fresh air, saltwater and social distance are well documented. Here are a few reasons to consider a cruise, plan one for the upcoming season or join us on the water in a new or… Read More
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