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mjm yachts 3z Line of Succession – Breakthrough Dual Console for Todays Boating Enjoyment - By Capt. Ken Kreisler While knowing it would be making a splash with its new 3z Outboard, MJM is instead creating a tidal wave of excitement in the under 40-foot market. Inspiration comes from many places. In the case of highly esteemed MJM, and as it has been from its inception in 2002 with the… Read More
MJM 43z. Epic Performance. Now With Outboards or IPS Pod Drives. - New for 2020 MJM 43z With Efficient Volvo IPS 500 or 650 Pod Drives. Her IPS version boasts a top speed of 44.5 mph and category-leading efficiency (for half the trips to the fuel dock). For closeness and access to the water, you’ll love the large swim platform for relaxing or as an easy launch… Read More
29z Delivery Captain Rates the 29z Near Perfect After 650nm - Capt. Doug Sanders has driven just about everything during his 35 years as a delivery captain. As a professional captain of over 35 years, I have had the opportunity to operate a myriad of boats. Occasionally one stands out from all the others in its category. The MJM 29z, built by Boston Boatworks, is such… Read More
3z sea farer 3z® – Spirited Seafarer - By by Patrick sciacca With a lineup of Down East-style express cruisers from 35 to 53 feet length overall in inboard and outboard confi gyrations, MJM Yachts is now entering the dayboat market with its 35-foot 3z. Where the 3z differs from it siblings is in its dayboat functionality. The vessel is open from the… Read More
Come Along On A Sea Trial Of The MJM Yacht 53z® - Join us onboard the MJM Yacht 53z, the world’s largest outboard-powered express cruiser, to learn how she performs in this boat test. Click Here to Watch the Video on YouTube | Video Length 5:02 By: Christopher Hughes for MJM Yachts I'm on board the 53z, this is the world's largest outboard-powered Express cruiser. And I'm… Read More
How The MJM Yacht Design Makes For A Better Boating Experience - Learn about 2 of over 30 problems solved by the MJM Yachts design: Speed to outrun weather, and Overcoming rough sea conditions.   Boating is fun, exciting, adventurous; it is also relaxing and creates lifelong memories.  Like anything in life, it doesn’t always go to plan when it comes to the weather, and this seems particularly true in boating. The MJM design… Read More
MJM 50z Accommodations Versatility - Exploring the versatility of the second master suite and third cabin on the MJM Yachts 50z.   Click Here to Watch the Video | Video Length 1:46 The MJM Yachts 50z is an innovative luxury cruising yacht. Her beauty and lines come from a modern take on the classic Downey's design, along with her liveaboard comfort, one of her… Read More
5 Must Haves In An Express Cruiser - Whether you want a boat to take you from Boston to Nantucket or around the Great Loop, here are five things to look for in an express cruiser that make it up to the task..and way more fun to own. Weather protection. While we go boating to feel the wind in our hair and the… Read More
Three Strategies for Preventing the Corona Virus - You’re working remotely, monitoring the media reports-chances are you’re feeling the stress. Boating is a great escape. The stress-reducing power of fresh air, saltwater and social distance are well documented. Here are a few reasons to consider a cruise, plan one for the upcoming season or join us on the water in a new or… Read More
Half the Fuel, Twice the Fun. MJM Yachts 43z IPS - When we talk about performance yachts, the emphasis is usually on speed, handling, horsepower, and inevitably focuses on models that are awkwardly narrow, cramped for space and have terrible pounding rides. For a generation it has been accepted that this is the norm, and if you want to go fast you must give up comfort… Read More
Speed and Safety When you Need Them Most - Like anything in life, boating doesn’t always go to plan when it comes to the weather. MJM design and construction address many issues that can impact your boating experience, weather included. This article will look at two- speed, as it relates to outrunning the weather, and overcoming the anxiety we experience in rough sea conditions.… Read More
Breakfast in New York, Dinner in Annapolis - It was a beautiful morning on September 27th; the temperature was at a cool 57 degrees, with a light breeze, and crystal-clear skies. My wife and I loaded up our lunch and headed down to Mamaroneck, NY to the McMichael Yacht Brokers Rushmore Yard. We boarded MJM Yachts 53z BREEZE at 0745 and started to… Read More
How to Choose The Best Boat For You - “What is the best boat for…?” Experts in the marine field, captains, dockmasters, long-time boaters, hear this question a lot. The answer really is, “it depends.” It depends on how you intend to use a boat, where you intend to go, how much time you have for maintenance and upkeep, reviews of the boat (important… Read More
The 53z Is Commissioned in Newport - On a spectacular summer evening in front of dozens of MJM owners and friends the Reverend Mary Johnstone pronounced “I christen thee Breeze,” and with a crack of the champagne bottle, CEO Bob Johnstone and his wife made MJM’s 53z the flagship of the fleet. Just days before, Mercury Marine clocked the boat topping out… Read More
Key West to Clearwater… In one day aboard an MJM 40z! - Onboard: TOM DUPONT (Owner) and DENNY OGDEN As the crow, or in this case, as the gull flies, it is about 215 nautical miles from Key West to Clearwater, Florida. And after having made the decision to voyage out on this particular trip, we outfitted GANDER, my MJM 40z with everything we would need. Given… Read More
MJM 50 Zing Timeless: The MJM 50z - MJM's 50z has classic lines, a high-tech build and a legendary builder pedigree. By Chris Caswell The MJM 50z is a thought-provoking yacht with some impressive firsts. It comes from the first builder in the world to make a Seakeeper gyrostabilizer standard. It’s also the first U.S. production powerboat with high-tech epoxy and composite construction.… Read More
Designs on Greatness - By Dennis Caprio, Power and Motoryacht magazine Photos by Billy Black Modern construction, smart design, and practical engineering keep the new MJM 50z at the top of her game, and ready to make her owners very happy. Commercially driven industrial design often breeds a certain level of ennui, because the results frequently look remarkably similar.… Read More
MJM 35z Hull MJM 35z: Hull No. 1 is in Production - Above is MJM Yachts Founder Bob Johnstone celebrating the layup of the first 35z on January 4, 2017 with the laminating team at Boston BoatWorks. Hull No. 1, the first of 12 boats now on order, wraps up the end of May Earlier, on December 28 , the hull production tooling was moved into the… Read More
The Shape of Things To Come: The MJM 35z - By Capt. Ken Kreisler When the news broke that MJM was building a 35-foot outboard-powered boat to join its already prestigious line up of sea-proven vessels, the buzz ran through the industry and among boat owners alike with the quickness of a lightning strike. MJM is well known for its strong, epoxy composite build, best-in-class… Read More
MJM 40z Ideal Loop Boat MJM Yachts 40z – The Ideal Loop Boat - This is 40z GRATEFUL pulling into Sanibel Marina, Sanibel, FL. Some alternate routes on The Great Loop. The Great Loop is one of the best known and most rewarding cruising adventures in North America, and rightly so. Generations of boaters have enjoyed the challenge this 5,000- to 7,500-mile cruising expedition offers. For many, it is… Read More
Here’s Why Outboards Are Better on the Transom of an MJM. - Considering a move to better accommodations than your current center console or sport boat? Now you can move all the way up to 35, 43 or even 53 feet without compromising performance in the new MJM Outboard Express Cruisers. The Right Stuff. MJM‘s unique design/build makes it happen. Take a Doug Zurn variable-deadrise hull, flat… Read More
MJM Launches New 43z For 2018 - The 43z follows the successful 35z, making MJM Yachts the leader in the rapidly emerging category of Outboard Express Cruisers. In its new 43z, MJM Yachts offers the cruising comforts of its unique, high tech designs along with the sporty handling, enhanced speed and shoal water versatility of outboard power. The launch of the 43z,… Read More
MJM Yachts Innovation in Layout, Entertaining and Design is Unsurpassed - Creating an open flow, spacious entertaining areas, and liveaboard comfort meant pushing conventional layouts aside. The MJM Yachts concept is to address the way owners can best use and enjoy a cruising motoryacht. First priority was a flush deck from the stern forward to the helm to create a large space encompassing two social areas.… Read More
MJM Yachts Advanced Manufacturing and Materials - To improve sailboat performance with the wind as a finite source of energy, Bob Johnstone knew that stronger, stiffer, and lighter high-tech construction with a low VCG worked wonders. Typically, powerboat builders didn't care: They just built boats heavy and cheap, then added more horsepower. This left the door wide open for some sailors to… Read More
MJM category A Category A “Ocean” Certification – What Does It Mean? - MJM made it a primary objective that all MJMs would be certified at the highest level of safety possible... which meant those models under 40 feet are ISO CE Certified Category B Offshore, while the 40z and 50z are Certified ISO CE Certified Category A Ocean. There are no other boats of their type, of… Read More
MJM 50z Spring Cruise of 50z “ZING” - Our antidote for Winter has been a pair of 3-week cruises on our MJM 50z starting out in Naples FL, visiting Boca Grande, Sanibel, Sarasota, Marco Island, et al, then going across the Okeechobee Waterway to Stuart, Jupiter Island Club, Palm Harbor (WPB), Bahia Mar, ending up at the Miami Beach Yacht & Brokerage Show.… Read More
MJM Yachts Rendezvous MJM Yachts 10th Annual Owners Luncheon Rendezvous - It was all fun, stories, and an afternoon of boating when more than 80 people attended the 10th Annual Owners Rendezvous Friday Luncheon at the Naples Yacht Club. A record turnout of 31 boats were represented. There was plenty of food, laughs, and camaraderie as new and seasoned owners alike shared tales of adventure, exploration,… Read More
Q & A On The Success Of The New MJM 35z - The New 35z has met with market super success. Some reasons are obvious: The 35z utilizes epoxy composite technology to deliver a level of Eco®-Smart Performance and efficiency not available in other outboards. Her digital joystick control, station keeping, and optional gyro stabilization, make this family day boat the new standard in all-weather comfort underway… Read More
Saltwater Runs In Their Veins - Bob Johnstone, announced in late October that his son would join the company's marketing team, commenting, "This puts the horsepower in place to sustain the company's remarkable 29% growth over the past two years." Peter Johnstone will serve as Director - New Product Development, a role for which he is particularly well suited. His distinguished… Read More
Southern Boating Interviews MJM Yachts Founder, Bob Johnstone - 7 Questions for Bob Johnstone, Owner of MJM Yachts Focus on efficiency paramount for this boat builder, who also makes time for leisure cruising Bob Johnstone, owner and founder of MJM Yachts, keeps a keen eye on the Baby Boomer market. He knows that Boomers might slow down physically a bit with age, but that… Read More

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