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Time To Get Creative

A page-turning business memoir and love story from this National Sailing Hall of Fame yachtsman, wrapped up in a narrative about problem-solving when following one’s dreams to create the leading performance brands in boating,... J/Boats and MJM Yachts.

“A rollicking tale of a life well-lived. Anyone who loves sailing or is interested in building a new business brand will find Bob Johnstone’s memoir fascinating and inspiring.” ROBERT SIMONS, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School

"What a wonderful book, combining the personal with the professional. It’s both a history of competitive sailing and an inspirational guide to how following a passion can lead to major breakthroughs in a sport, a pastime, and life.” NATHANIEL PHILBRICK, Author of Mayflower and In the Heart of the Sea.

Available for Pre-Order on April 18, 2023 at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com & bookstore.org.


In "Maverick Marketer," Johnstone considers the course of his life, from taking the helm of a sailboat in a race at age 2, through college days at Princeton, to creating the leading performance brand in sailing, then doing same with powerboats. Regaling readers with sailing stories and how award-winning boats were created, Johnstone seeks to ignite a creative spark in others, urging them to follow their passion and chart their own course to victory. Part memoir, part love story, part marketing case study, "Maverick Marketer" is an entrepreneurial success story brimming with lessons on innovation, business development, and problem-solving. Rebecca White, award-winning Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Tampa, said, "I'd recommend Bob Johnstone's book for every college student today."

Other Reviews:

KEVIN KOENIG, in Yachting (12/16)  "Bob Johnstone changed sailing forever and has made his mark in both the sailing and powerboat worlds. His contributions are not soon to be forgotten.”

GARY JOBSON, National Sailing Hall of Fame. “Bob Johnstone’s book is complete and compelling, a page-turner, with uplifting, fascinating stories.”

DENNIS CONNER, America’s Cup Winner, Sailing Anarchy (9/08)  “Bob Johnstone is one of the best marketing guys to ever live. Certainly number one in sailing – by far.”

DAVID AGER - Senior Lecturer -Executive Education, Harvard Business School   “A captivating and bracing memoir of an entrepreneur that lays out valuable lessons for anyone considering launching and growing businesses.  It is a story of resourcefulness, tenacity, and ingenuity. Johnstone has cleverly interwoven his career building two iconic brands with a fascinating history of sailing and yachting.”

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