MJM Yachts®. Structurally Stronger.

Epoxy has three to five times the flexural strength of polyester or vinyl ester resins making MJM Yachts stronger, longer lasting, more agile, seaworthy, fuel-efficient and more fun to drive.

That’s why MJM Yachts’ founder Bob Johnstone selected Boston BoatWorks, experts in advanced laminate construction, to be the building partner for MJM Yachts from our first boat, an MJM 34z built in 2002, forward.  

Now nearly 300 yachts later, Boston BoatWorks’ state of the art facility continues to produce MJM Yachts that are recognized by global standards organizations as well as experienced boaters everywhere.

Before MJM, Boston BoatWorks built racing sailboats, where every ounce counts. Now the builder on Boston Harbor builds the MJM line using the same wet, pre-preg materials with vacuum molding and post-cure oven processes. Epoxy resin is 25 percent stronger than the polyester resin used in most boatbuilding, with higher elongation properties for greater durability. Epoxy also has superior moisture resistance.

The methods and materials employed by Boston BoatWorks create stronger, yet lighter hulls that require less horsepower than the competitors and enjoy far, far better fuel efficiency getting up to TWICE the miles per gallon of similar boats at speeds of 25 knots.  MJMs are also built for longevity.  Combined with the timeless good looks of the patented design, MJMs enjoy excellent value retention on the resale market.