Classic MJMs

MJM 36z
Small Yacht with Joystick Docking
MJM produced 136 hulls of 29z, 34z and 36z models prior to 2016. No longer built, these wonderful boats are destined to become classics, joining the new 35z as introduction to the MJM brand. As Eric Sorensen of Soundings commented, "Those MJMs will last 100 years or more!" An epoxy hull has far greater flexural strength to resist breaking down with age and is less prone to water ingress than polyester or vinylester boats. A pre-owned MJM is a better long-term investment than others new. 36z offers the best in joystick-controlled, twin sterndrive power. It's fast, dry, fun to drive, responsive and predictable in waves and economical to run. Top speed is 35 knots. Anyone in the family can operate its joystick docking system. Explore more >>

MJM 34z
The Perfect Inboard Cruiser for Two
The first MJM design, introduced in 2003, is still very much in demand, but only available on the brokerage market. The primary design objective was: Create a good-looking, seaworthy, fast and functional cruising boat for two... that could be operated solo by founder Bob Johnstone's wife, Mary. Lighter, stronger and narrower was the answer. The only way to get there was to use high-tech epoxy construction. Voila! A wonderful side benefit was doubling fuel efficiency vs. other boats: 2 nmpg at 25 knots. Another goal met was comfortable seating for three couples in an all-weather pilothouse. Dual bow and stern thrusters with a single throttle/shift make the 34z, with its 440 HP Yanmar diesel, easier to park than a car and just as controllable as modern joystick systems.Explore more >>

MJM 29z
Day Boat & Weekender
Rare on the brokerage market and loved by their owners. 29z at 3 nmpg at 25 knots is more fuel-efficient with its single 260 HP Volvo Penta sterndrive than even diesel/electric hybrids. With swim platform and a single-level, convertible all-weather pilothouse, 29z offers great versatility and comfort for fishing, swimming, day trips and family weekend cruises. It is the best-looking and best sea boat of its size. Professional captains who have driven just about everything afloat pay 29z the ultimate compliment: "sweet"... drier, and more stable and responsive to the helm in waves than anything they've driven. Explore more >>

Eco-Smart Designs

MJM owner benefits are significant: A smaller carbon footprint with 50-100% better fuel efficiency; more speed for horsepower applied; the luxury of effortless driving and greater safety offshore thanks to a lower vertical center of gravity (VCG).

MJM 50z and MJM 40z are the only two Downeast designs of any size ISO Certified Category A "Ocean". When it comes to a responsible boat purchase with optimum functionality, diversity of use and minimal long-term investment risk, MJM Yachts goes to the top of the class.


Sea Trialed to "0" Defects Before Delivery

MJM Yachts licensee Boston BoatWorks (BBW) builds and services MJMs in a new 35,000-square-foot. plant in Charlestown, MA. BBW is the one American boat builder, power or sail, having a 35-plus-year track record using advanced materials such as epoxy, Kevlar, carbon and Corecell. In its pursuit of excellence, BBW uses a proprietary wet pre-preg, post cure, epoxy composite construction method. Master Builder Mark Lindsay has America’s Cup, World Championship and Olympic medal-winning racing sailboats to his credit because they're lighter, stronger and faster. All systems and finishes are "builder installs.”

Leaving nothing to chance, each MJM yacht is launched for sea trials before delivery. Tests of systems and calibration of instruments are conducted to ensure "0" defects. This extra attention to detail costs more. Customer service, quality of construction, top-of-the-line hardware and performance are not compromised to meet a price. Today's buyer won't be satisfied with anything less than the absolute best in terms of timeless design, the latest technology, functionality and performance. Such a strategy offers the best guarantee for daily enjoyment and long-term investment value.