Eco-Friendly Yachts

Great satisfaction is derived from being an owner of a technologically advanced MJM yacht, spending half the time and dollars of your friends at the fuel dock and thus doing your part in preserving the environment for future generations.

Boating has a significant ecological impact, mostly related to fuel use. We are all connected globally through nature’s ecological cycles, particularly the hydrological (water) cycle–evaporation of oceans and lakes into the atmosphere then falls back in the form of rain. When hydrocarbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels enter this cycle, they have a harmful effect on the planet’s ecology and human health. Acid rain and greenhouse gases are examples. By owning an MJM, you can halve the fuel consumption of your boating activities and markedly reduce the carbon impact from your boating activities in significant ways.

Our building partner, shares our sensibilities building our yachts using epoxy rather than the styrene producing resins that dominate our industry.  

A Zurn Design