The MJM Story

Stronger, lighter, faster.

Stronger lighter, faster. It’s not just the mantra of performance sailors, it’s the inspiration for the MJM brand. In 2003, MJM Yachts came up with its narrower (3.5:1 length-to-beam ratio,) Doug Zurn-designed, modified deep-V hull. After a lengthy search for custom boat builders, founder Bob Johnstone turned to someone immersed in the more sophisticated disciplines of making a boat go fast, Mark Lindsay and his yard, Boston BoatWorks. There, MJM was able to get the benefits of wet pre-preg, post-cured epoxy composite construction to become the leader in fuel-efficient, fast powerboats.

MJM’s seaworthiness is certified by the International Marine Certification Institute in Brussels to the highest standard available. The MJM 40z,50z, and 53z are the only down east designs of any size certified ISO Category A Ocean. Structural strength and stability in large beam seas are heavily weighed in the rating.

Now, 15 years later, MJM Yachts brings this approach into the larger world of outboard boats. The new outboard express cruisers with advanced epoxy construction and slippery hull designs are a new day in the boating industry and the answer for those looking for a better boat.

MJMs are also noted for their ease of docking which takes advantage of flush-deck design, side boarding doors at dock height and the latest joystick and hovering technologies to make even the least experienced crew member capable of safely bringing the boat into a slip. MJM was the first down east design to offer the roll-stopping option of a Seakeeper on all its models and offers it standard on the 50zand 53z. Exterior finishes are low-maintenance and the boats’ wide-open layouts welcome a crowd.

Founder Bob Johnstone, his wife Mary and son Peter lead the company with the passion and experience of true yachtsmen. They develop the boats with Doug Zurn – a leader in yacht builders – and engage with the building process at Boston BoatWorks, and they own and run each new model exhaustively to make sure it meets their highest expectations for performance, usability, and quality.