Three Strategies for Preventing the Corona Virus


You’re working remotely, monitoring the media reports-chances are you’re feeling the stress. Boating is a great escape. The stress-reducing power of fresh air, saltwater and social distance are well documented.

Here are a few reasons to consider a cruise, plan one for the upcoming season or join us on the water in a new or pre-owned MJM.

Relax. Boating is all about fresh air, new horizons and the chance to create and share adventures with family and friends. It really is the fine art of social distancing.

Getaway. MJMs are the ultimate getaway vehicle. With greater speed, efficiency and range you can get to your favorite harbors and anchorages faster, and go longer distances with fewer fuel stops.

Be in control. Feel confident at the helm of an MJM. You’ve got all the latest systems that make boating easy and safe. Joystick docking and geostationary hold make maneuvering in close quarters a breeze, and ISO Category A or B ratings on MJM Yachts provide an extra measure of assurance.

Now is the time. If you’re considering a new or pre-owned MJM, our experienced team can provide a virtual tour, or a socially responsible live tour and sea trial, which in itself, will be quite therapeutic. Visit our contact page to connect with us.


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