5 Must Haves In An Express Cruiser


Whether you want a boat to take you from Boston to Nantucket or around the Great Loop, here are five things to look for in an express cruiser that make it up to the task..and way more fun to own.

  1. Weather protection. While we go boating to feel the wind in our hair and the soothing connection to the water, it’s also nice to have a place you can relax in shade or air conditioned comfort. Look for a pilothouse with 360 degree views and plentiful seating because sooner or later, everyone will want to be there.
  2. Ample space for the party. A smooth flow of deck from helm to stern means everyone can enjoy being together.
  3. Speed and efficiency. Exhilarating performance is important for it’s own sake, but also, when the weather turns threatening, it’s nice to have the power to get back to port before the storm. Efficient hull design helps with this, too, as it increases the boat’s range and allows you to go further, faster, with fewer fuel stops.
  4. Confidence in all conditions. Most builders promise quality construction. But when quality construction is combined with hull stability, a low center of gravity and other smart design elements, an express yacht can earn the ISO CE Category A Ocean certification. We’ll save you research time on this one: the MJM 43z IPS, the 50z and the 53z are the only express cruisers in the 40’-55’ category that carry this certificate.
  5. Easy maintenance. Look for quality finishes that only require a quick hose off back at the dock. Keep the carpentry below to eliminate varnish jobs. Outboards allow you to turn the key and go, skipping the engine room checks.

We think MJM delivers these five key features more completely than other express cruisers. See if you agree-visit one of our dealers.


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