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By Savannah Hess, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt


It’s dark outside and you lay in bed, awake, turning each choice of boat over in your head, wondering which of them is “right,” which of them is worthy. Perhaps, instead, it’s when you step off your current boat on a beautifully sunny day after just finishing a glorious cruise and find yourself thinking, “If only…” Whenever it may be that the thoughts start to swirl, the choice to upgrade to a truly functional piece of art isn’t a decision made overnight or one made lightly – for 99% of us anyway. Rather, it’s often a choice made after hours of consideration, often with concessions you’d rather have left in dry dock. Well, not for Bob.

When Bob Johnstone, also the co-founder of performance sailboat brand J Boats, Inc., found himself in this predicament, he decided his options left him no choice but to build his own powerboat.

His wife, Mary, needed a boat she could dock solo and, even though they were getting older, it would still need the cruising ability to outrun waves offshore and be versatile enough for equal use on the go or at the dock. It needed to welcome guests and seat them comfortably. It needed to be a boat to be proud of, a boat with true longevity. It needed to be… it needed to be… well, it needed to be worthy to be Mary Johnston’s Motorboat — and then, as sudden as a summer Lake Erie storm, MJM Yachts was born.

A superb yacht designer was brought in, Doug Zurn, who was tasked to combine some of Bob’s favorite inspirations: the powerful, powder horn sheer of a World War II Elco PT boat; an Adirondack Runabout’s transom arc and rakish tumblehome; and the open, spacious cockpit of a Maine lobster boat. Building an MJM Yacht would require some high-tech experience and, judging by their success in building worldchampionship- winning sailboats for 35 years, Boston BoatWorks soon filled that spot.

All MJM models, including the new MJM 35, utilize wet pre-preg, post-cure, epoxy composite technology which is a unique but more costly process with higher-quality materials resulting in stellar performance and amazing fuel efficiency. It’s not unusual for an MJM Yacht to get twice the mileage per gallon when cruising at 25-knots versus similarly-sized boats. And, contrary to its Dreamliner-line comparison (via a Soundings article in April 2014), it’s also not unusual for you to find one that you can afford to add to your family.

mjm 35z cabin

MJM 35
Quiet, easy to handle, and stable (unlike your other children), the MJM 35 comes equipped with joystick docking control with GPS station-keeping, and optional Seakeeper gyrostabilizer. The inherent stability provided by its greater waterline lengthto- beam ratio (3.5:1) and its superior hull strength have earned the MJM 35 Certified ISO CE Category B Offshore status. Twin Mercury Verado 300 engines allow you to travel 300 miles @ 35 MPH on just 250 gallons, all while in the comfort of generous headroom (6′ 2″) and Ultraleather upholstery. Head below and you’ll find storage is abundant in the galley and over berthing, as well as storage in the cabin sole. With portlights, deck hatches and seven hull ports, you’ll never feel like you’re in a submarine – that is unless it’s the type of submarine with an abundance of light and fresh air! Above deck, you’ll find side access doors at floating dock level as well as sliding glass sides or roll- up strataglass.

Other optional features include:

  • Full length yacht bimini
  • Bowrail and spotlight
  • All-weather comfort + HVAC

Discover your “inner-Bob” and refuse to concede your desires as ‘optional.’ Discover true luxury and visit the MJM 35 model page.

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