MJM 35: Hull No. 1 is in Production


Above is MJM Yachts Founder Bob Johnstone celebrating the layup of the first MJM 35 on January 4, 2017 with the laminating team at Boston BoatWorks. Hull No. 1, the first of 12 boats now on order, wraps up the end of May

Earlier, on December 28 , the hull production tooling was moved into the lamination room, which is also the post-cure oven, to be seasoned, fitted with door, bow thruster, and transom flange inserts, then waxed and prepped for lay-up to launch MJM into an exciting new year. The MJM 35 will be the first pre-preg, post-cure, epoxy composite outboard family day boat on the market.

Here are the hull tooling halves at Symmetrix in Bristol, Rhode Island, in mid-December. A state-of-the-art boat design requires high-tech precision tooling, and MJM 35 is getting the best available. Inspecting hull molds taken off the MJM 35 hull plug in the background are (l to r) Tooling Builder JB Barnitt of Symmetrix, MJM Master Builder Mark Lindsay, Boston BoatWorks President Scott Smith, MJM Designer Doug Zurn and MJM Yachts Founder/CEO Bob Johnstone.

No detail is too small. Above, the team meticulously scrutinizes every inch of the deck plug. Once finalized and prepped, this will be used to create the precision deck mold. MJM 35 delivers a combination of performance and comfortable all-weather family boating in a stunning design, with greater versatility of use and more usable space in class. You can see in this image just how well the available space has been utilized. With convenient privacy/sunscreen curtains, the all-weather pilothouse — with optional HVAC climate controls — doubles as a second cabin at night, with settees that convert to twin berths.

Seen above is the plug for the forward liner being completed, ready for molding the production tool. MJM’s builder, Boston BoatWorks, is growing at 25% per year. So, it’s new 35,000-square-foot building on Boston Harbor is being supplemented by another 8,000-square-foot building next door to assemble the MJM 35.

MJM’s stronger and lighter high-tech epoxy construction — with a long 3.5:1 length-to-beam ratio, modified deep-V hull and 19.7-degree deadrise — delivers a smoother, more controlled and comfortable ride with no chine-walking at higher speeds. But, real performance is not just speed, it’s how efficiently available horsepower overcomes hull drag at a given speed. With twin 300 HP outboards, MJM 35 will have a top speed over 50 mph and a range of 350 miles from 250 gallons of fuel. Competing designs need triples and over 400 gallons to achieve the same results.

Comfort is peace of mind. MJM 35 will have the highest rating for stability and seaworthiness possible for a boat under 40ft ISO Certified Category B Offshore. But, to go one step further, the boat is engineered to the more stringent demands of Category A Ocean … the rating of MJM 40zs and 50zs… the only Downeast style designs on the market of any size qualifying.

This Eco®-Smart design combines the graceful beauty of a classic Downeast yacht with an inviting, versatile layout… having open transom, flush deck and side boarding doors. Whether family beachgoer, serious fisherman, weekend cruiser or a combination of all three, MJM 35 is sure to fulfill what you’ve been waiting for. Innovative aft doors can also swing open and lock in place and there is an option for two movable aft seats.

If you are interested in making a hull reservation, please contact us at info@mjmyachts.com.

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