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MJM New NC Factory The Perfect Combination - By Kevin Koenig, Soundings Trade Only MJM puts the Down in Down East with a new factory in North Carolina In a lot of ways, it all started with dog food. Before he became the legendary proprietor of J/Boats, and long before he founded MJM Yachts in 2002, Bob Johnstone toiled away in the marketing… Read More
MJM 3z Dual Console Tested: MJM 3z Dual Console - By Daniel Harding | Power & Motoryacht A new model, the 3z Dual Console, and a new facility in North Carolina sparks the second act of MJM, and it’s off to a handsome start. Second Generation The MJM origin story is well documented and oft told. As he grew older, famed sailboat builder Bob Johnstone… Read More
MJM Yachts 3z Southern Boating Out for the Day - MJM HITS THE MARK WITH ITS NEW DAY YACHT THAT CAN CRUISE THE ICW AND TACKLE THE OCEAN. By Steve Davis | Southern Boating Boats are described with catchphrases From the Bottom Up all the time, but when MJM tagged its new 3z day yacht “all-weather,” it meant it. A cloudy afternoon turned to rain… Read More
mjm yachts 3z Line of Succession – Breakthrough Dual Console for Todays Boating Enjoyment - By Capt. Ken Kreisler While knowing it would be making a splash with its new 3z Outboard, MJM is instead creating a tidal wave of excitement in the under 40-foot market. Inspiration comes from many places. In the case of highly esteemed MJM, and as it has been from its inception in 2002 with the… Read More
3z sea farer 3z® – Spirited Seafarer - By by Patrick sciacca With a lineup of Down East-style express cruisers from 35 to 53 feet length overall in inboard and outboard confi gyrations, MJM Yachts is now entering the dayboat market with its 35-foot 3z. Where the 3z differs from it siblings is in its dayboat functionality. The vessel is open from the… Read More

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