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Key West to Clearwater… In one day aboard an MJM 40z! - Onboard: TOM DUPONT (Owner) and DENNY OGDEN As the crow, or in this case, as the gull flies, it is about 215 nautical miles from Key West to Clearwater, Florida. And after having made the decision to voyage out on this particular trip, we outfitted GANDER, my MJM 40z with everything we would need. Given… Read More
MJM 40z Ideal Loop Boat MJM Yachts 40z – The Ideal Loop Boat - This is 40z GRATEFUL pulling into Sanibel Marina, Sanibel, FL. Some alternate routes on The Great Loop. The Great Loop is one of the best known and most rewarding cruising adventures in North America, and rightly so. Generations of boaters have enjoyed the challenge this 5,000- to 7,500-mile cruising expedition offers. For many, it is… Read More
MJM Yachts Innovation in Layout, Entertaining and Design is Unsurpassed - Creating an open flow, spacious entertaining areas, and liveaboard comfort meant pushing conventional layouts aside. The MJM Yachts concept is to address the way owners can best use and enjoy a cruising motoryacht. First priority was a flush deck from the stern forward to the helm to create a large space encompassing two social areas.… Read More
MJM Yachts Advanced Manufacturing and Materials - To improve sailboat performance with the wind as a finite source of energy, Bob Johnstone knew that stronger, stiffer, and lighter high-tech construction with a low VCG worked wonders. Typically, powerboat builders didn't care: They just built boats heavy and cheap, then added more horsepower. This left the door wide open for some sailors to… Read More
MJM category A Category A “Ocean” Certification – What Does It Mean? - MJM made it a primary objective that all MJMs would be certified at the highest level of safety possible... which meant those models under 40 feet are ISO CE Certified Category B Offshore, while the 40z and 50z are Certified ISO CE Certified Category A Ocean. There are no other boats of their type, of… Read More
BOATTEST.COM Reviews the MJM 40z – Most Fuel Efficient Boat in its Class - BoatTest.com features the captain's report for the MJM 40z on its website as well as videos of MJMs under construction at Boston BoatWorks. There's also a walk-through of the 40z highlighting the quality of joinerwork and it's unique cruising layout. Bob Johnstone's 40z ZING was used for the shoot in Newport RI. Visit BoatTEST.com Read More
THE NEW MJM 40Z IN SANIBEL 40z Cover Story In April Passagemaker Magazine - The April 2010 Downeast Special issue of Passagemaker magazine features the 40z on the cover and in an 8 page article. The 40z has caught the attention of trawler owners interested in more speed, exceptional fuel economy, versatility of use, lower maintenance and ease of handling... all without sacrificing cruising comfort. This issue of the… Read More
March YACHTING Magazine Features MJM 40z - "Thoughtful design, finely executed, gives the MJM 40z a unique character," commented Dennis Caprio in his 3 page feature in the latest, March 2010, issue. Just how quiet running the 40z is with its IPS drives can be seen in the dB(A) readings recorded which didn't didn't get out of the 70's until the boat… Read More
An Okeechobee Tale - As we contemplated our route from the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show to Naples on the West Coast, Bob asked, “Which way would you like to go? South around the tip of Florida through the Ship Channel or North through the Okeechobee Waterway?” Memories came back of sailing around the southern tip of Florida 25 years… Read More
40z Whale of A Trip - This was quite a solo offshore trip by Bob Johnstone. 235 miles from Northeast Harbor ME through the Cape Cod Canal to Newport RI in 10 hours. Some interesting observations are made regarding the 40z's features and behaviour at 25 knot speeds in 4-6 foot seas and an incredible encounter with a large whale on… Read More
1025 Miles on ICW from Palm Beach to the Chesapeake Averaging 19.7mph - It’s hard to imagine a better boat than the MJM 40z for the 1025-mile ICW passage from Palm Beach to mile marker “0” in Portsmouth VA on Chesapeake Bay. 40z has the speed to get from one great destination port to the next without feeling confined to the boat all day long and losing walking/exploring… Read More
Motorboating Features 40z - The September 2009 issue has an excellent article by Jeanne Craig entitled "Classic Twist" written after an interview with Bob and Mary J. and sea trial on hull #1 Grateful in Stuart FL in February. The comment about an owners golf and garden club activities is not quite right. That happened after getting an MJM,… Read More
MJM 40z Interior At The Dock With The 40z - hink of the MJM 40z layout as an airy summer porch. Opening side windows, opening windshields, an expansive bimini to shade the cockpit. Deep cushioned settees and helm/navigator chairs provide lots of seating on a flush deck that keeps everyone close.  No heavy wooden furniture to drag around. No exterior teak to fret over. Instead,… Read More
MJM 40z Underway Under Way With The 40z - From the moment you enter through the side boarding doors at dock height, until the moment you tie up with an easy lean out the side window to lasso your line to a cleat on the dock, you will enjoy easy, responsive driving aboard the 40z. Doug Zurn designed this modified deep-V planing hull with… Read More
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