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From the moment you enter through the side boarding doors at dock height, until the moment you tie up with an easy lean out the side window to lasso your line to a cleat on the dock, you will enjoy easy, responsive driving aboard the 40z.

Doug Zurn designed this modified deep-V planing hull with generous Carolina bow flare for dealing with steep following or head seas without yawing or burying the bow. For exceptional stability and planing performance, deadrise aft is 19 degrees, carried forward 13 feet then warped into a 50+ degree deadrise at the cutwater with dual lifting strakes and chine flats. This hull shape creates the driest, most stable running boat of its type.

Advanced construction helps lower vertical center of gravity (VCG), so she’ll carve into turns, rather than lean outwards like some motor yachts with taller, heavier superstructures. The 40z won’t roll in the harbor or have the delayed response to the wheel in a seaway experienced by “classic” or even new deep-V designs. And, you won’t need a flybridge to see where you’re going. The 40z accelerates flat without that blinding bow rise that can be unsafe in the 10-15 knot range when threading through crowded waterways.

Joystick docking, DPS hover in place technology, and an optional Seakeeper complete the perfect yachting experience.

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