Doug Zurn’s unique modified deep-V planing hull has a slippery 3.5:1 length to waterline beam ratio vs. a
more typical bluff 2.7-3.0 to 1. Combine that with Boston BoatWorks’ lighter and stronger epoxy
composite construction and you have the secret of MJM’s undisputed best-in-class efficiency and
performance. In 2007, MJM put its unique structure to the test in its twin outboard MJM 29z. The boat
proved the Hull design/epoxy construct to be a success: the MJM 29z actually gained stability at high 50
mph speeds in stark contrast to the chine-walking traits of some leading outboard brands. So, MJM was
very well positioned in model year 2018 to introduce its new line of outboard express cruisers, starting
with the 35z and 43z and the 53z in model year 2020.

Yes, weight matters and hull design matters when it comes to both speed and fuel efficiency, MJM comes
out ahead on both components of performance. To make the point: an MJM 43z with triple-Verado
outboards matches the IPS diesel powered Sabre 45 on fuel efficiency. The jet’s not even close. Then the
43z eclipses both on range. At top speed, with less horsepower, the MJM 43z is 42% faster than the


For Fuel efficiency, the hands-down winner is the MJM 40z with Volvo Penta IPS 500 inboard diesel
power at 1.2 NMPG. With nearly 100 devoted owners singing her praises, the MJM 40z is arguably the
best all-round inboard diesel boat on the market. Easy to use at the drop of a hat, comfortable enough to
live on for the summer or a Great Loop adventure, the 40z is one of only two boats of her size in the world
(a Nordhavn 40 is the other) that’s ISO Certified Category A Ocean for stability. A Seakeeper gyro is icing
on the cake. For all these reasons, it’s nearly impossible to to find one on the brokerage market!
With the 40z and 43z, MJM offers the best of both inboard and outboard worlds. Surprisingly, when it
comes to annual operating costs, there’s not much difference. Granted, outboards burn more fuel. But,
the annual maintenance costs of an inboard IPS diesel are nearly 2x. yet still not as pricey as jets. The
method of propulsion is your choice. Creating the best performing inboard and outboard express cruisers
for your boating enjoyment has been ours.

40z running



"Overall I am most impressed by what Bob Johnstone has created with his MJM line of cruising boats. The MJM 35z represents what boating can be like when you embrace and integrate new technology from innovative manufacturers. Once familiar and able to use everything to full potential, the boat will really simplify the boating experience."...Read More 


MJM Yachts 35z sistership

Social media gives us good feedback on what boaters like (love?) about MJM. Last month, you were impressed with a brief video showing the Volvo IPS' DPS feature holding the 50z rock solid in about 18 knots of breeze and a strong current. DPS and its Mercury outboards corollary, Skyhook, are brilliant additions to the technology available to make boating easier and safer. Station keeping allows you to prepare your boat for docking, wait out a bridge opening or watch the kids race around the buoys on a breezy afternoon. Standard on every MJM model, of course. See the video here



(Excerpt from Brave New World.)

For two decades, Boston Boatworks cut its teeth building multi-million dollar grand-prix racing sailboats, where every once counted. Now the builder on Charlestown Harbor in downtown Boston builds only the MJM line using the same wet, pre-pregmaterials with vacuum molding and post-cure oven processes. Epoxy resin is 25 percent stronger than the polyester resin used in most boatbuilding, with higher elongation properties for durability. Epoxy also has superior resistance to waterdegradation. BBW uses Kevlar in the outer skin, to make the boat stronger andlighter. “MJM boats require less horsepower than many of their competitors,” saysScott Smith, BBW’s Managing Director. “In some cases, we’re half the weight of same-sized boats trying to gain speeds over 20 knots.” MJMs are also built forlongevity. “The differences in the way we build the boat won’t be apparent for 10 years,” Smith says. “We’re coming up to our 250th MJM and are seeing 34s we built 14 years ago in excellent condition. By using the best materials and methods, theseboats will stay low maintenance and easy to use. It’s a boat you can pass along.”


By Michael Verdon for Yachting Magazine, May 2018


proofs 49



MJM's 35z puts the power outside to maximum effect. MJM's 35z puts the power outside to maximum effect. As with all MJM models, the 35z is a clean, contemporary design with styling DNA born Down East. Zurn’s hulls are variable-warped Vs, flat aft and sharp forward with fineentries. They’re designed to hack through the rough stuff, to stay dry and to go fast. According to MJM, the 35z tops out north of 43 knots. It has an angled-up “quiet chine” forward to reduce slap when the boat is at rest. Conceived primarily as a day boat, the 35z also sports tasteful, functional accommodations for a couple on a weekend cruise. According to Zurn, the cockpit—thesocial center of the boat—is the same size as the one on the builder’s 40z. An optional Bimini top can provide cover from the elements in the after sections. MJM incorporated some features from other models into the 35z and added new ones; look for electrically operated windscreens, roll-up Strataglass or sliding-glass side windows, side boardingdoors, joystick docking control, autopilot and GPS station-keeping. The boat is also setup to house an optional Seakeeper gyrostabilizer. The yacht has attractive, comfortable accommodations for a couple for a weekend orlonger aboard.

By Kenny Wooton for Yacht International April 2, 2018





harboo3 sSt Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show
November 30 - December 3

MJM 35z Space 739

Meet our South Florida dealer Augie Diaz

peter bobBob Johnstone, announced in late October that his son would join the company's marketing team, commenting, "This puts the horsepower in place to sustain the company's remarkable 29-percent growth over the past two years." Peter Johnstone will serve as Director - New Product Development, a role for which he is particularly well suited.

His distinguished 25-year career in the marine industry includes founding Gunboat Catamarans and serving as President of Sunfish-Laser, where he was instrumental in developing the International 49er, and championing its selection along with the Laser, as Olympic Classes.

He serves a dual role with MJM Yachts as dealer for the Southeast and North Florida regions, based in Charleston, SC.

The New 35z has met with market super success. Some reasons are obvious: The 35z utilizes epoxy composite technology to deliver a level of Eco®-Smart Performance and efficiency not available in other outboards. Her digital joystick control, station keeping, and optional gyro stabilization, make this family day boat the new standard in all-weather comfort underway or at anchor. Hull #1 ZINNIA just went from Bahia Mar (Ft. Lauderdale Boatshow) around the tip of Florida, 202 nautical miles in 6 ¼ hours burning 198 gallons with 52 gallons to spare, averaging 32.3 knots. And finally, the MJM 35z has the highest rating for stability and seaworthiness for a boat under 40'-- ISO Certified Category B "Offshore." So how does company founder Bob Johnstone feel about the company's first foray into outboard power? Glad you asked. 

Q: What is the top reason for the overwhelming success of the 35z? 

A: 35z captures what other outboard brands are moving toward- versatility and yacht-like all-weather comfort for family boating. 

Q: What does "ISO certified Category B "Offshore" really mean? 

A: It's primarily a measure of stability and seaworthiness which are important factors in one's sense of confidence in the boat to handle rough conditions. 

Q: In using the new 35z yourself, any surprises? 

A: The sense of luxury and space both in the pilothouse and below compared to our earlier boats under 40 feet. After all, it is built in the same way as the MJM 50z... just smaller.

Q: In January, you'll be on FL's Gulf Coast with the 50z. What's your favorite place to sneak off to? 

A: We start in Mary's favorite spot, the Naples YC, where we will be hosting the 11th Annual MJM Owners Luncheon Rendezvous on Friday, January 26. Then we'll see friends in Sanibel and Boca Grande and we will take aboard about 25 members of my college class for a lunch at the Marco Island YC. All this before heading across state on the Okeechobee Waterway for the run down into the Miami Boat Show, stopping in Stuart, Jupiter Island, Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale.

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