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2010final s"Thoughtful design, finely executed, gives the MJM 40z a unique character," commented Dennis Caprio in his 3 page feature in the latest, March 2010, issue. Just how quiet running the 40z is with its IPS drives can be seen in the dB(A) readings recorded which didn't didn't get out of the 70's until the boat was well over 30 knots. The designer, Doug Zurn and I enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate for Dennis the functionality of the boat and why there's no other boat like it on the market.

Alex Falk of Marblehead has been enjoying the process of witnessing his 40z #12 CYDONIA being built about 30 minutes away in East Boston at Boston BoatWorks.

Click on the link below to follow progress with him, to pick up some pointers on iPhone Apps and see some good America’s Cup pics.

april2010coverThe April 2010 Downeast Special issue of Passagemaker magazine features the 40z on the cover and in an 8 page article. The 40z has caught the attention of trawler owners interested in more speed, exceptional fuel economy, versatility of use, lower maintenance and ease of handling... all without sacrificing cruising comfort. This issue of the magazine addresses that growing trend.

Link to PassageMaker article (6 MB PDF file)

Soundings Cover

The July issue of SOUNDINGS has a 4-page feature article that's a must read! It's a very well researched piece on Boston BoatWorks and MJM, titled "The art of high-tech powerboats". Author Eric Sorensen is a highly respected authority on the subject. He started the J.D. Power & Associates boating reviews and wrote, Sorensen's Guide to Powerboats: How to Evaluate Design, Construction and Performance. His conclusion? "It's the strongest construction for the weight I've yet seen. These are marvelous works of art, the real deal in terms of construction methods and materials." To read article at Soundings On-Line.


Following up on the successful launch of the 40z in 2009 (Next available hull is #15), MJM announces introduction of the Doug Zurn designed 36z which makes many desirable features of the 40z available to owners who don't plan extended living aboard.  Among these are twin Volvo D3, 5 cylinder, 170 hp or 220 hp diesel engines...these are the same very efficient and quiet new generation engines being used in the luxury Volvo VC70 station wagon in Europe.  At idle speeds they can be operated with the Volvo-Penta Joystick control (a la IPS). Also featured are the new OceanX titanium and ceramic coated sterndrives with counter-rotating props which allow the 36z to be moored in 17" of water with drives raised.  A single level cockpit/pilothouse makes for gracious entertaining especially with the easy access side-opening cockpit doors that are on the same level as floating docks and dinghys. Orders are being taken now by MJM Dealers with the first boat being available for the Newport International Boatshow in September.  Both Downeast and Express models are offered.

36z Island Berth3C

MJM announces a new feature for the 36z. A large Island Berth similar to that on the 40z  -  in lieu of the wrap-around lounge that converts with filler to a large V-Berth.  The 78" long x 60" wide island berth includes built-in bookcases and shelves. The latter also double as hand hold assists when getting up out of the berth. This innovation results from 34z owner input. This owner said, "When cruising, they always leave the V-berth made up and never used the table why not have the option of a really large island berth as on the 40z?"  Here it is!  A side by side comparison of the two layouts is best seen in the 36z Brochure, available as a PDF here.

Carpe Diem Bob Dee1


Bob & Dee Moore, discover the joys of shared adventure on their trip from Ft. Myers to the Chesapeake on their appropriately named 34z #48 CARPE DIEM (Seize the day!). That's what MJM's are designed to do.

As Dee and I began discussing with friends the possibility of traveling the IntraCoastal Waterway from Fort Myers to the Chesapeake aboard Carpe Diem, our MJM 34z, a very consistent pattern emerged. From those who had made the trip, many said, with a wistful look in their eyes, “I’m envious.” From those who had not made the trip, we received numerous offers to join us as crewmembers. So it was with heightened anticipation and curiosity that we began our journey, not just to experience the ICW, but to understand WHY? What is it about this journey that evokes such strong emotions in people? And why would we undertake this voyage, lasting 18 days and consuming 640 gallons of diesel fuel, when Southwest Airlines would gladly transport us to the same destination in 2 ½ hours at the cost equivalent of 70 gallons of fuel?

MJM Yachts 36z Cockpit Lo Res

Billy Black gets the most incredible shots. Here's one showing the single level deck of the 36z, taken with Bob Johnstone (hiding in the head at this moment) in early morning during the Ft. Lauderdale Boatshow. It's a timed shot with the camera on a tripod, sitting on the afterdeck. That's why the background is blurred. The boat is moving with a light breeze from starboard to port. This is hull #1 with the island berth arrangement, which can be seen in the forepeak.