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35z cruising We Test the New MJM 35 with Twin Outboards. WOW! - It was a Chamber of Commerce summer morning when we headed out of Newport Shipyard on Zinnia, hull number one of the new MJM 35, with a beautiful light blue sky, the wind coming in from the ocean at an easy 15 knots or so, the waves on Narragansett Bay just about two feet with… Read More
35z cruising Everything from A to Z - Appealing design, zippy outboard performance… the new MJM 35 is even more impressive than her award-winning predecessors. Even before I stepped on board the new MJM 35 in Newport, Rhode Island, early this summer, I expected to be impressed. After all, I have teted other MJM models over the years and always wanted to stay… Read More
35z top tender Currents > Top Tenders - Yachting Magazine MJM 35 Note the side-boarding doors to port and starboard in the cockpit of the MJM 35: They’re designed to be at floating-dock height, making it easy for owner-operators to walk the length of the flush-deck design and tie up the nearly 38-foot-long boat without help from the crew. Also in the practicality… Read More
35z scuttlebutt MJM Yachts – A Stunning Line For Comfort And Performance - It’s dark outside and you lay in bed, awake, turning each choice of boat over in your head, wondering which of them is “right,” which of them is worthy. Perhaps, instead, it’s when you step off your current boat on a beautifully sunny day after just finishing a glorious cruise and find yourself thinking, “If… Read More
MJM 35z Hull MJM 35: Hull No. 1 is in Production - Above is MJM Yachts Founder Bob Johnstone celebrating the layup of the first MJM 35 on January 4, 2017 with the laminating team at Boston BoatWorks. Hull No. 1, the first of 12 boats now on order, wraps up the end of May Earlier, on December 28 , the hull production tooling was moved into… Read More
MJM 35 The Shape of Things To Come: The MJM 35 - When the news broke that MJM was building a 35-foot outboard-powered boat to join its already prestigious line up of sea-proven vessels, the buzz ran through the industry and among boat owners alike with the quickness of a lightning strike. MJM is well known for its strong, epoxy composite build, best-in-class performance Category A seaworthiness,… Read More
Here’s Why Outboards Are Better on the Transom of an MJM. - Considering a move to better accommodations than your current center console or sport boat? Now you can move all the way up to 35, 43 or even 53 feet without compromising performance in the new MJM Outboard Express Cruisers. The Right Stuff. MJM‘s unique design/build makes it happen. Take a variable-deadrise hull, flat aft and… Read More
MJM Yachts Advanced Manufacturing and Materials - To improve sailboat performance with the wind as a finite source of energy, Bob Johnstone knew that stronger, stiffer, and lighter high-tech construction with a low VCG worked wonders. Typically, powerboat builders didn't care: They just built boats heavy and cheap, then added more horsepower. This left the door wide open for some sailors to… Read More
MJM category A Category A “Ocean” Certification – What Does It Mean? - MJM made it a primary objective that all MJMs would be certified at the highest level of safety possible... which meant those models under 40 feet are ISO CE Certified Category B Offshore, while the 40z and 50z are Certified ISO CE Certified Category A Ocean. There are no other boats of their type, of… Read More
Q & A On The Success Of The New MJM 35 - The New MJM 35 has met with market super success. Some reasons are obvious: The MJM 35 utilizes epoxy composite technology to deliver a level of Eco®-Smart Performance and efficiency not available in other outboards. Her digital joystick control, station keeping, and optional gyro stabilization, make this family day boat the new standard in all-weather… Read More
MJM 35 at the dock At The Dock With The MJM 35 - A sense of elegance and being on a real boat for civilized cruising is not lost when going below. A clear Awlgrip-finished teak and holly sole is combined with satin-finished cherry battens on the hull, 6-foot 2-inch headroom, Ultraleather upholstery and beautiful cherry joinerwork on door frames, drawers, fiddles and cabinets. Storage shelves over the berths… Read More
Under Way With The MJM 35 - The MJM 35 has side boarding doors for easy access and exit at floating dock height… the ultimate set-up for running the boat without crew. Better than any center console or cabin cruiser, the MJM 35, as with all MJMs, has fully-opening windshields for that wonderful fresh air when desired. There’s even an electric push-button… Read More
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