Mercury Verado 600hp v12

Mercury Verado

600 HP V12 7.6 L

Quiet, smooth and refined, this engine elevates the standard of premium design and engineering. With the unwavering strength of a V12 powerhead, the Mercury 600hp Verado outboard delivers extraordinary range and exciting performance to take your boating adventures to new places. Revolutionary advancements in handling and control are made possible by the outboard segment’s first steerable gearcase and an industry-first two-speed transmission.

Models Powered By This Engine: MJM 4, MJM 42

The Verado Advantage

V12 Power and Performance
The first V12 outboard powerhead delivers superior horsepower and performance in a surprisingly compact footprint. Combined with the steerable gearcase and simple, streamlined rigging, this engine can mount on 27-inch centers, perfect for multi-engine installations.

Contra-Rotating Propellers
A new series of dual props were crafted to harness the full potential of 600hp. Designed to run in a contra-rotating configuration, the new propellers power the boat on plane quickly and efficiently, while delivering exceptional handling and fuel economy at midrange speeds.

Automatic Two-Speed Transmission
No shift clunk. No limitations. Only smooth, impressive power. The two-speed transmission makes easy work of transferring 600hp to the gearcase. It delivers maximum torque and acceleration in first gear, then silently shifts to second for efficient cruising and thrilling top speed.

Exceptionally Smooth & Quiet
A more rugged, more refined next-generation Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system cradles the powerhead to isolate noise and vibration, while careful tuning dampens induction sounds and nearly eliminates injection noise. 600hp never sounded so quiet.

Independent, Steerable Gearcase
Electro-hydraulic controls allow the steerable gearcase to react instantly to driver inputs. With no movement from the engine above water, there are no distractions – only precise maneuverability around docks and smooth, effortless handling in open water.

Superior Fuel Economy
Calibrated to deliver full performance on 87-octane fuel, the V12 Verado outboard leverages dual propellers, a hydrodynamic design and Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) to maximize fuel economy.

Engine Specs

  • Prop Shaft Horsepower:
  • Displacement:
    7.6 L
  • Full Throttle RPM Range:
    5600-6400 rpm
  • Starting System:
  • Gear Ratio:
  • Alternator Output at WOT:
    150 amp
  • Weight:
    1260 lb
  • Shaft Lengths:
    20", 25", 30", 35"
  • Recommended Fuel:
    Octane 87
  • Power Trim:
  • Engine Type:
  • Warranty:
    3-year limited
White Mercury 600

Maintenance Reimagined

Mercury changed the way the marine industry thinks about maintenance so you barely need to think about it at all. The V12 Verado outboard can run for 200 hours between oil changes and benefits from the extreme protection and performance enhancement of Mercury SAE 10W-30 Full Synthetic Marine Engine Oil, our most capable four-stroke engine oil. Mercury Premium Power Steering Fluid and Automatic Transmission Fluid were developed alongside the V12 Verado outboard to provide maximum lubricity and performance, even in extreme conditions. An innovative top cowl service hood makes servicing critical components a snap wherever you are on the water without having to haul out the boat. Plus, the entire top cowl doesn’t have to come off to allow more in-depth maintenance until 1,000 hours or five years of operation.

With hassle-free maintenance and the backing of an extensive global service network, you have the freedom to travel farther and stay out longer than ever before.

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