Half the Fuel, Twice the Fun. MJM Yachts 43z IPS


When we talk about performance yachts, the emphasis is usually on speed, handling, horsepower, and inevitably focuses on models that are awkwardly narrow, cramped for space and have terrible pounding rides. For a generation it has been accepted that this is the norm, and if you want to go fast you must give up comfort and be willing to burn vast amounts of fuel. MJM Yachts proves this kind of thinking to be false, and the MJM 43zi has shown the world that a performance yacht can be spacious, comfortable, have excellent handling with superior smoothness of ride, and, believe it or not, burn half the fuel, even when compared to non performance boats. See a fuel burn comparison chart here:  mjmyachts.com/…/43zi-vs-Hinckley-40-Picnic-Bt.xlsx

How does the 43zi do this? There are several factors that play a part in delivering these results. The first is the design. To get through the water with optimum efficiency you need a hull design that takes advantage of the ideal length to beam ratio of 3.5:1. The hull must also have a modified deep-V entry at the bow and precisely angled and positioned chines and lifting strakes. This will allow the yacht to push through and use the wave energy to add stability, while eliminating pounding to deliver a smooth ride. The hull must also have a variable deadrise, transitioning all the way aft ending in an optimal 16.8°. Equally important additional factors include engineering the boat to have a very low vertical center of gravity to reduce roll, and construction materials and methods that ensure a yacht is stronger and greatly reduced in weight.

What do the numbers show? If we compare the 43zi with standard power of twin 370HP IPS 500 to a yacht of similar size, weight, and powered by twin 480HP, the results are clear and dramatic. Off plane, between 7-9 knots, the 43zi is 138% more efficient. Once on plan she ranges between 61% and 91% more efficient, and she is doing that with much less horsepower. In addition to a reduced impact on the environment, this efficiency means far less trips to the fuel dock and much more time enjoying boating with your friends and family.

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