MJM Yachts 50z Layouts

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MJM 50z Layouts

NEW 2-CABIN MODEL Redefines the space, light and comfort for a proper Guest Cabin, hospitable to the family or friends you enjoy cruising with much of the time… dual-entry ensuite head, glass-enclosed shower with seat; proper raised 78" berths with 8 drawers under; a 21" wide desk-nightstand-dressing table, and choice of either an easy chair or 2nd hanging locker. This cabin also works as an Office with file drawers and printer cabinet… or Lounge for viewing the 32" TV from the outboard berth, arranged as a settee with throw pillows.

MJM 50z Layouts

STANDARD GREAT CABIN: This layout is ideal for entertaining lots of people on sunset harbor cruises, watching the races and for a cruising couple who rarely have overnight guests aboard. The theory is this:  better to have good living space below for extended cruising, and ability to convert comfortable seating to berths the few times needed, than have empty cabins and no place to sit below.  At night, the quickest way to create a 2nd Cabin or Dual Master Suites… each with own matched head and glass-enclosed shower… is simply close the door in the passageway. The Great Cabin's L-shaped lounge serves as a pair of foot-to-foot single berths as is… or converts to a double berth by lowering the table (see below).

MJM 50z Layouts

TEMPORARY 2ND CABIN: A unique, portable bulkhead system is available in lieu of the standard Pullman privacy curtain. 4 composite panels, stored out of sight, can be erected in 15 minutes to create a semi-permanent 2nd cabin when guests are aboard… while keeping the spacious Great Cabin.

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