2017 43z

Having an extensive history with J-Boats sailing yachts, my transition into the MJM line of power boats was like visiting an old friend. I’ve always been a fan of the functional aesthetic the Johnstone’s bring to their designs. Exterior maintenance is minimized without sacrificing the boat’s fantastic looks. Build quality instills confidence, which goes a long way when on open water in rough conditions. My 43z handles like a well designed sports car, rather than a heavy displacement “floating living room”. The Carolina “V” bow allows the boat to get up on plane quickly and the lighter than typical displacement, along with the hard chine hull, keeps the boat on top of the waves, rather than smashing through them. Everyone stays dry and, with the built in Seakeeper Gyro system, the low center of gravity helps keep the boat from pitching from side to side.
The boat’s helm station, seating, galley and other creature comforts are easy to use, comfortable and reliable. We’ve spent many nights in harbor, either with guests or just the two of us. I’ve seen fancier boats but I can’t imagine wanting anything more than what my MJM delivers.

Looking forward to more fun times aboard this winter/spring season in Florida’s waters.

Boat name: Annabelle 3
– Hank Bernbaum

A Zurn Design