2008 34z

I am the third owner of Inisfail a34z which I found on the West Coast in February of 2020 and shipped to Washington, DC in April of 2020. I had spent considerable research and time looking for a 34z (almost one year). I have previous owned express cruiser style boats for years and nothing compares to an MJM. Her classic look, single powerful Diesel engine and fit and finish, make her a standout on the Potomac River in Washington, DC. I’m stopped all the time from boaters, tourists and passerby’s while anchored on the Potomac River or tied up in Georgetown. The comments are always what a beautiful boat, what brand is she. Yes she is beautiful but also a great performance boat. I couldn’t be happier with my MJM and as of this writing the third week of October 2021 I have put 330 hrs on her.

Boat name: Inisfail
– David Gelles

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