The Build


By Capt. Ken Kreisler

The Next Step First Imagined

“Form follows Function” is a term coined by American architect Lewis Sullivan whose groundbreaking work helped to define big city skylines early in the 20th Century. As advanced by another imaginative and inventive builder, the great Frank Lloyd Wright showed us that “Form and Function Are One,” and took the concept further, making even more of an impact going forward. And even though switching mediums from terra firma to the marine environment, the connection remains as solid as ever with that of the vision of MJM’s founder, Bob Johnstone. vision.

MJM Build

Beginning in 2002, with the next iteration of a personal luxury powerboat offering a performance slant that has redefined the industry in this sector, his design called for a build with a stronger, stiffer, and lighter high-tech epoxy composite construction; a boat with a low center of gravity offering impressive fuel economy no matter what her size.

The Next Step Now Realized

The second generation of the family-owned business is now helmed by Peter Johnstone, who has inherited not only his father’s eye for detail but taken the concept to yet another level. Bringing aboard the Michael Peters Design Studio to supplement MJM’s own expert team of designers, fabricators, finishers, and technicians has resulted in moving the already sea-proven yachts and loyal owner base line up of MJMs into the 21st Century.

With a stunning Carolina/Downeast profile, combining the best of sea-keeping abilities with roominess and comfort, the yachts are available with either outboard and inboard power options and come standard with all the attention to fit and finish and detail MJM is known for. The all-weather designs for spending indoor and outdoor time aboard, whether day tripping, weekend jaunts, or extended time away from the dock, combine with more than ample storage, luxurious accommodations, timeless beauty, and ease of operation and maintenance.

The spectacular new MJM 42, as good as it gets for a cruising couple and guests in a boat of this size, is just a prelude of what the future, under Peter Johnstone's leadership, will look like

Redefining Advanced Design

Having firmly established themselves in this kind of rarified air, for MJM improving on its yachts meant perfecting what was an already a proven and overwhelming success in the industry, Peter Johnstone’s clear-cut vision for the future is to build the most well thought out and meticulously designed performance yachts possible.

With plenty of elbow room to work with, MJM technicians can make sure exacting procedures are followed

To accomplish this, he sought out a proper production facility and built a new North Carolina-based factory where all MJM boats will be designed, engineered, and built. Planned from the ground up, with brand new infusion equipment, the latest heat exchanging system for post-curing, and making sure only the most exact measurements are taken throughout the entire building process, the space covers some 250,000+ square feet with six complete production lines. As all aspects of creating an MJM yacht are done in-house, in doing this, Johnstone set even higher standards, especially in engineering and precision for the MJM brand. From enhanced computer software to the latest in high-tech materials and state-of-the-art procedures, no part of the process of a new MJM Yacht is not methodically and painstakingly reviewed and checked for the highest quality and accuracy.

The Future of Design, Engineering, and Construction is Here Now

Getting that exactness and accuracy in boat building meant approaching the design from several different levels. For example, Johnstone and his team would now be using the high-strength, san-polymer corecell in all areas, this for possessing greater impact resistance than less expensive material.

Precision means utilizing the kind of exactness only C&C cutting can provide; that means every bulkhead, panel, and part is fabricated in this manner. This in turn reduces waste and establishes the all-important weight factor in all the dry materials as well as being able to compute the correct amount to resin used in the infusion process.

Proprietary epoxy resin and quadraxial fabric are infused under exacting conditions and monitoring into every MJM on the line including hull, stringers, sole, deck systems, and small parts as well

Quadraxial E-glass fabrics, with its ability to provide strength up and down, and from side to side, together with Endurance epoxy, a computer mixed, proprietary resin, is utilized by MJM in its intricate building process for light weight and high strength. And to drive home the point on how important weight is to MJM, each part of every single boat is carefully weighed, thus literally making every gram accounted for especially in how the fabric fits around corners and where it must fill cavities. The result is an overall 30% weight savings without any compromise in structural integrity anywhere.

All the structural parts get post-cured out of the tooling and into a computer-controlled oven, attached with 35 thermo-couplers covering every square inch of the pieces, with a specific temperature and time already programmed in. The result is zero parasitic weight in the major components which translates into less hull reinforcement and therefore, more space throughout the build.

Whether on the outboard or inboard powered models, the living accommodations aboard the new MJM 42 displays the kind of flow and roominess and comfort Peter Johnstone and his crew have taken to ensure all the space aboard is utilized to its fullest. As well, with inboard offering (top) there is additional length afforded to the swim platform aft as compared with the outboard layout (center)

MJM’s infusion process turns in a precise 70/30 ratio of glass to resin with a superior mechanical and chemical bond and allows all MJM’s to maintain that all-important low center of gravity. In addition, with the hull sides coming out of the tooling, they are already mirror-finished with no print-through and of course, are void-free.

A flawless MJM hull right out of the mold displays the kind of surface necessary for its beautiful topcoat of Alexseal paint

Utilizing a precisely controlled particulate filtered, cleanroom environment paint process results in the kind of finish befitting an MJM Yacht

Carefully monitoring every aspect of the infusion process, MJM technicians oversee all phases of the procedure until completion.

In fact, the exacting MJM build techniques allows for the model line up to meet all ISO class standards for inshore and offshore capabilities according to size. That all-important 70/30 ratio of glass to resin and weight to strength advantage lies securely in MJM’s corner.

Distinguishing factors are the automated mixing system, the precision vacuum infusion at 2,000 pounds/square foot compression, the quality of the materials used, that all parts are unitized by computer-controlled oven baking, the high-efficiency, deep-V hulls have been tweaked and are created by using fluid dynamic testing, and Alexseal paints are used in purpose-built, climate and particulate controlled rooms, using high-intensity light resulting in the beautiful, flawless final product. There is another important factor which each MJM Yachts possesses; they are noticeably quiet. This is due to the exactness of the infusion process together with the extremely low vibration transfer ratio of epoxy.

Carefully monitored post-curing is essential for any MJM yacht to achieve the exacting specifications set by everyone involved in the build

Each hull and deck are post-cured for 16 hours at 140 degrees F. This process ensures the final amount of stiffness and strength to the structure and, in turn, is quite noticeable in performance while underway.

MJM’s are purpose-built around people and how they are going to interact with their boat. Furthering that point, safety while out on the water is paramount in the design, engineering, and construction of every model coming out of the North Carolina facility. To that end, Peter Johnstone’s vision for the future will continue to exceed all expectations, use only the finest materials and techniques available, and provide to its loyal owner base, the best final product possible.

Lighter, stronger, higher strength, low vertical center of gravity, quiet running, and with better fuel efficiency due to an average of 17% less horsepower to push a particular model through the water, combined with layouts specifically designed and engineered for maximum comfort, results in a personal powerboat capable of providing many years of enjoyment.

It is a feeling summed up by yet another architect of thought, that being James Taylor, poet laureate and singer/songwriter to a generation: “Being on a boat that's moving through the water, it's so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what's important and what's not.”

MJM Yachts take you where you want to go.

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