Ready For Entertaining Aboard

Charleston Design Pro The Proper Knot:

10 “Must Haves”  You Didn’t Think Of

1. Marine Business melamine dishware and glassware

Melamine plastic dishes made in Spain
Higher-end alternative
Easy storage

2. Collapsible bowls and Colander

Easy storage
Easy for entertaining
Spill proof
Colander can be used to drain your pasta, fruit, veggies, chip bowl and even a dish drying rack/ system 

3. Serving Tray with handles 

Use for entertaining, storage or a serving board

4. MyDrap napkins 

Recycle, washable and super sturdy. Large ones can be used as placemats. 

5. Turkish Towels 

Quick dry. Towel, tablecloth, throw blanket, picnic blanket, bathing suit wrap (sarong) and a scarf for cooler nights. 

6. Indoor/ Outdoor pillows 

7. Wine Bottle Cooler Sleeve 

8. Deck Kit 

Filled with sunscreen, extra hats, bugspray, simple first aid and more… 

9. Household Spray Bottle 

Use to clean or get wrinkles out of your clothes when staying aboard. 

Use with essential oils for a natural air freshener. 

Mister on extra hot days. 

10.  Distilled Vinegar, Borax and essential oils 

Borax is a household cleaner, cleans mold and rust, outdoor fabrics and furniture. Detergent for both dishes and clothes and helps prevent bugs. 

Vinegar: get rid of ants and fruit flies, cleaning shower heads, soothe stings and sunburns, gets rid of rust, clean your fridge, use with oil to minimize scratches on wood surfaces, declog drains, clean glass and wood. 

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Yacht Maintenance Marine Pros Elite Marine:

Cleaning Tools & Products to Keep on Board


Adjustable Length Pole
Blue Soft Brush Head
Small Hand Brush
Bucket Base For Bucket
Wash Mitt

TD Mops

Snap-In Drying Head
Large Chamois Cloth

Mr Clean

Magic Erasers

Spray Nine  

Multi Surface Cleaner

Star Clean

One-Step Metal Cleaner/Polish


50’ Soft Hose


Plastic Spray Nozzle



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