MJM Featured in 2 Stories with Designer Doug Zurn in Another!


The Feb/Mar issue Professional Boatbuilder Magazine features the MJM 34z in two articles:

The first describes the creation of the design and the latter goes into great detail to describe why the 34z is different from all other powerboats. Download the issue as a PDF, then ‘Contents’ page 52 “Build it and They Will Come”; Page 66 “Smooth Operators”; and and in a 3rd article on Page 104 “Single Skin or Sandwich” describes the exceptional strength, lighter weight and higher cost of the 34z laminate (Cored Kevlar/E-Glass epoxy) vs. the competition.

And, just published in the April/May issue is the “The Zurn File”, an excellent report on designer, Doug Zurn. Download the issue as a PDF then ‘Contents’ page 42.

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