How to Choose The Best Boat For You


“What is the best boat for…?” Experts in the marine field, captains, dockmasters, long-time boaters, hear this question a lot. The answer really is, “it depends.”

It depends on how you intend to use a boat, where you intend to go, how much time you have for maintenance and upkeep, reviews of the boat (important for re-sale consideration) and of course, your boating budget. When discovering what the best boat for you is, that’s the short list of things to take into consideration. So let’s take a look at those best boat factors.

How are you going to use the boat?
If you are planning to use the boat like most people, dayboating with family and friends and weekending as a couple and occasionally with more than two, you will want a wide open layout with plentiful soft seating where the group can hang out together and socialize. You’ll want protection from sun and spray, but opening windows will be key for times when you want the breeze and times when you want AC or heat. You want great visibility from the helm and for everyone on board. Lastly, a Seakeeper stabilizer will keep a crowd happy all day long. Each and every MJM meets this profile.

Where do you want to go?
If you want to spend days at anchor just off the beach, or you want to explore shoal areas, outboard propulsion is a great choice offering the shallowest draft. If you want to go offshore—crossing the Gulfstream to reach a gorgeous island anchorage, for instance- you want the security of an ISO-rated hull, a design that minimizes pounding, and importantly- speed to take advantage of the best weather window for your trip. You’ll also want a strong, but light hull, so you get the best fuel efficiency. While all MJMs deliver this seakeeping profile, you may not require it if you don’t plan to leave the sight of shore, and some boaters don’t.

What about maintenance and upkeep?
If you want to minimize these, your best boat will be one with a long-wearing painted finish, no teak on deck, quality stainless steel fittings and generally high quality construction that avoids problems in the first place. While no boat or yacht can claim to be maintenance-free, look for these obvious things and look below deck for clear labeling of systems, neat electrical runs, access to intakes, etc. Quality building pays off in more time boating, less downtime.

Boat reviews and budget considerations.
MJM’s 53z won Best New Boat over 35’ at the Newport Int’l. Boat Show in 2019. A panel of industry expert judges selected her from a sizable field, including boats you might think of as among the best boats in the world. But the reviews aren’t really in until a boat hits the resale market. Here, MJMs shine. We are proud to say our resale values are among the highest in the industry. As you plan your boating budget, factor in resale value along with quality design and build which will help keep operating costs down, and third party endorsements like ISO certification and brand recognition that keep resale prices up.

As you ask yourself “what is the best boat for me,” consider the questions discussed here, visit your dealer and definitely arrange a seatrial.

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