steve_burkeSteve Burke is a graduate of Michigan's Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and has been a naval architect for over 20 years. His career began in the commercial and military shipbuilding industry on hull design and structural engineering for hydrofoils, ships and submarines being built by Boeing and General Dynamics.

After many years of designing structures in steel, aluminum, and titanium, Steve turned his engineering talents to composite materials in 1990. He held a senior engineering position with the W.R. Grace Advanced Materials unit, applying composite technology to new product development for the offshore energy, naval, oceanographic, and aerospace communities.

Bob Johnstone first became aware of Steve's talents when he became the marine composites engineer at TPI, builder of J/Boats. There, he was responsible for structural and composite engineering, as well as project management, on the latest high-tech Js -- the J/90 and J/125 carbon fiber/Kevlar racers, the J/46 performance cruiser, the J/145 carbon-fiber/Eglass racer-cruiser, and the (French-built) J/109 racer-cruiser. The laminates of these boats were designed and fine-tuned in accordance with ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) standards.

With his extensive knowledge of structural engineering, composite materials and manufacturing processes, as well as regulatory body requirements, Steve founded Burke Design in 2001. A composite engineering firm with clients in the marine, industrial, and architectural fields, Burke Design specializes in structural engineering, composite manufacturing technology, and project management for new construction, modifications and repairs. Their work has included projects as diverse as the MJM Yachts 34z powerboat, commercial catamaran ferries, America's Cup yachts, and composite structures for the cellular communications and transportation industries.

MJM Yachts wanted the best structural engineering available for its new 34z, so sought the services of Burke Design. Steve works closely with Boston BoatWorks and Zurn Yacht Design, analyzing the Kevlar/Eglass composite laminates and structure to ensure that they comply with the new ISO (International Organization for Standardization) small craft structural requirements. He also coordinates the effort to obtain CE mark certification for the boat and its systems for marketability worldwide.

A lifelong sailor and an avid boating enthusiast, Steve lives with his family in Bristol, Rhode Island.

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