Best Island Berth in Boating


MJM announces a new feature for the 36z. A large Island Berth similar to that on the 40z  –  in lieu of the wrap-around lounge that converts with filler to a large V-Berth.  The 78″ long x 60″ wide island berth includes built-in bookcases and shelves. The latter also double as hand hold assists when getting up out of the berth. This innovation results from 34z owner input. This owner said, “When cruising, they always leave the V-berth made up and never used the table belowdecks…so why not have the option of a really large island berth as on the 40z?”  Here it is!  A side by side comparison of the two layouts is best seen in the 36z Brochure, available as a PDF here.

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