36z Express Model

The 36z Express model offers a styling option for those who prefer added solid glass on pilothouse sides, either for the looks, for operation in rougher waters to provide ventilation without having to keep the Strataglass side opening curtains down, or for a bit more security with small kids climbing up on pilothouse settees.

One of the great benefits of all MJM designs is versatility of use, particularly in providing comfort in the pilothouse, where passengers are most usually seated underway. Yet, it’s surprising to see how many boats, even 75-foot motoryachts, don’t provide good all-weather seating for at least three couples where they can share the experience, converse in normal tones of voice and can see the scenery to enjoy boating for what it’s meant to be…getting out of the house!

The 36z will most likely be the quietest-running boat among MJM designs.  That’s saying something, because they all have low noise levels thanks to extra Soundown insulation and the strength of their epoxy construction.  What makes the 36z different is the new generation of smoother-running, low-emission Volvo-Penta turbocharged 4-stroke diesels mounted in the stern. These are marinized versions of the diesel engines used in their luxury XC-70 wagon in Europe and are just being introduced in the U.S. market.

How Fuel Efficient?
12-14 gallons per hour at 25 knots, or about 2 nautical miles per gallon with optional twin 170 HP or 220 Volvo Penta D3, 5 cylinder diesels and OceanX titanium/ceramic coated sterndrives. But possibly more important is the fuel consumption for average usage over the course of several weeks, 5 knots in the harbor and 25 knots in open waters, etc.  We think you’ll find that you’ll be burning about 4 gallons per hour. That’s extraordinary.

Twin Volvo Penta D3  5 cylinder, 2.4 liter, turbocharged 170 or 220 HP diesels (300 HP D4s also an option).  .
Lighter, stronger pre-preg, vacuum-set, oven-cured epoxy/Kevlar/Corecell/ Eglass composite construction.

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