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(Excerpt from Brave New World.)

For two decades, Boston Boatworks cut its teeth building multi-million dollar grand-prix racing sailboats, where every once counted. Now the builder on Charlestown Harbor in downtown Boston builds only the MJM line using the same wet, pre-pregmaterials with vacuum molding and post-cure oven processes. Epoxy resin is 25 percent stronger than the polyester resin used in most boatbuilding, with higher elongation properties for durability. Epoxy also has superior resistance to waterdegradation. BBW uses Kevlar in the outer skin, to make the boat stronger andlighter. “MJM boats require less horsepower than many of their competitors,” saysScott Smith, BBW’s Managing Director. “In some cases, we’re half the weight of same-sized boats trying to gain speeds over 20 knots.” MJMs are also built forlongevity. “The differences in the way we build the boat won’t be apparent for 10 years,” Smith says. “We’re coming up to our 250th MJM and are seeing 34s we built 14 years ago in excellent condition. By using the best materials and methods, theseboats will stay low maintenance and easy to use. It’s a boat you can pass along.”


By Michael Verdon for Yachting Magazine, May 2018


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