29z Outboard - Twin-Powered Speed


The 29z was designed to be a fun, fast and comfortable powerboat.  It is built to ISO CE Mark structural standards to go 50 knots and it has done that with twin 225 or 250 HP 4-stroke outboards.

The 29z has demonstrated better sea-keeping qualities than many center-console designs, without the worrisome high-speed chine-walking traits of many powerboats. In fact, the 29z seems to gain stability as speed increases.

The gasoline-powered fuel efficiency will be approximately 1.7 nmpg, which is better than other outboard-powered 29 powerboats, but will be less than that of the standard 29z with single 4-cylinder Volvo D4 diesel sterndrive.

Extraordinary handling in any wave condition and the ability to raise the outboards, enable you with 16-inch hull draft to ease into any anchorage or into your favorite picnic spot or fishing hole.

You have the option of either an open cockpit with/without the Adirondack seat (shown at left) or wrap-around seating for 10 that's great for family and friends on sunny days.

Pictured at left is the combination swim platform and outboard bracket.


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