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"Mom, why do I have to wear that?" Surely, a line for this Mother's Day in the preview of the forthcoming (July 5) movie, The Way, Way Back. While reviewers may ultimately not give the movie more than one star * : The inclusion of Brian Tedeschi's  40z PEYTON ROSE (renamed BARELY A WAKE for the movie) in a prominent role makes it a five star ***** must see movie for the owners of such "cool" boats.


Here's the write up and a link to the Preview. The Oscar winning screenwriters also produced the film Descendants.

“The Way, Way Back” is the funny and poignant coming of age story of 14-year-old Duncan’s (Liam James) summer vacation with his mother, Pam (Toni Collette), her overbearing boyfriend, Trent (Steve Carell), and his daughter, Steph (Zoe Levin). Having a rough time fitting in, the introverted Duncan finds an unexpected friend in gregarious Owen (Sam Rockwell), manager of the Water Wizz water park. Through his funny, clandestine friendship with Owen, Duncan slowly opens up to and begins to finally find his place in the world – all during a summer he will never forget.

dog1"This is so easy, even a human could drive it." Max driving Mark Rollin's 34z IMAGINE

A New York Times story on May 17 describes how wolves first became doglike by lingering around humans over the span of thousands of years. It states, "Dog brains have become exquisitely tuned to our own". Here is photographic evidence that the process may be occurring in less than a decade. Dogs have discovered MJM Yachts and seem to be taking over.

dog2"All dogs should have a boat like this!" Millie advises Billy Black during the 40z Solo Docking Video on Bob Johnstone's ZING


40zs at Dog Watch 2

It was the perfect powerboating Sunday!  Not a wind ripple on the water as we departed at 0917 from the Dog Watch Cafe at Dodson's Boat Yard in Stonington CT, which had been "Z" town over the weekend with three 40z's, ZING, WAVE DANCER &  SKIPPY;  three 36z's, BLUE DUCK, FIELD & STREAM & JOLLY ROGER and the 29z WANDERER.

As we cleared Watch Hill Light, Block Island Sound was before us as calm as I can remember. We dialed up the speed to 34 knots, put ZING on autopilot and had a nice Sunday morning conversation.

Smooth 34.3 kts

Here's proof of the 34.3 knot speed, location and fuel efficiency of 1.2 NMPG achieved with the twin Yanmar 8LV's with 370 sterndrives on 40z #34... less than a week out of the yard at Boston BoatWorks.  Good job, team!

12 nmpg 34

We'd just rounded Pt. Judith.  Here's a close up of the Raymarine e165. You can see the COG and Heading vectors putting us between Castle Hill and Beavertail. Time is 1002 hours.  We were off Ft. Adams in the harbor by 1012... just as the seabreeze started to build out of Narragansett Bay. By 1200 hours it was blowing 20+ knots out of the Southwest. Sure pays to have the speed to take advantage of weather windows like that!  That 33 mile trip would have taken 4x as long in a trawler and catching some rough seas as well.


The International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) certifies over 5,000 recreational vessels after survey of structural strength and offshore stability computations. The highest level of certification is Category A Ocean, the next is Category B Offshore and then Category C for Coastal. The MJM 40z is Category A. The 29z, 34z and 36z are Category B.

Only 5 well-known brands had vessels certified as Category A.  The vessels were the MJM 40z;  Nordhavn 40 and 47; Fleming 55, 65, 75; Tiara Sovran 58;  and, Marquis 420-720.   You can see the great contrast in design and displacement.  This following comparison makes the point that an exceptionally strong, light boat can be just as seaworthy as one of the heaviest boats... and more seaworthy than most of the so called "heavy" boats.

Nordhaven 40 Cat A

The Nordhaven 40 weighs 50,000 lbs. and cruises at 7 knots burning 2.6 gph at 1600 RPM with a range of 2200 miles from its 900 gallon fuel tank.

The MJM 40z weighs 21,000 lbs. and if cruising at 7.2 knots burns 2.05 gph at 1000 RPM with a range of 1100 miles from a 350 gallon fuel tank. A 40z gives you the option to cruise at 34 knots burning 28 gph at 3400 RPM with a range of 383 miles

Designs from Hinckley, Sabre, Vicem, SeaRay, Hatteras, Viking, Ocean, Riviera, Hunt, Grand Banks, East Bay, Palm Beach, San Juan, Bertram, Back Cove, Azimut and Post were either Certified Category B or not listed as being certified at all. None were Certified Category A.

50z Hull Week 1

Cape Coral FL  July 5 - The new MJM 50z hull is framed up, sheathed and coated with foam in preparation for carving by a 5-axis router at Marine Concepts. This is the first step in a precision making of the hull plug which will then be used to create production tooling.

29z 38 Zurn Family

Yes, there are 6 people who will remember this moment for a lifetime. Designer Doug Zurn somehow manages to keep his camera dry taking a picture of his family and a friend enjoying a warm afternoon swimming at Sand Dollar Cove near Manchester MA off the just launched 29z #38 which Doug is demonstrating over the 4th of July Week and on the Eastern Yacht Club Annual Cruise. Doug says it's perfect, ready for an owner and now available.  Just call Bob J. at 401-862-4367...and Doug is ready to take you for a sea trial in Marblehead or Boston.

29 39

Here's another memorable moment.  Johnstones and Halseys leaping in unison off the 34z GRACE (#64) after a picnic on the dancing rocks on Baker Island off Mt. Desert Island ME in August 2010. This boat was in the Amsterdam Boat Show and traversed the Dutch Canals after the show to Rotterdam in September 2009.  GRACE is now owned by Todd and Diana Maclin in Vineyard Haven MA and most likely enjoying similar moments there.

29 encore

From the lowlands to the highlands... MJMs lead interesting lives, as do their crew. You won't find a more spectacular setting for cruising than Chuck Guildner has here on his dark green 34z (#59) ENCORE.  Above is Prideaux British Columbia and below in what seems more a painting than a photo is Desolation Sound.  Chuck spends a couple of months each summer cruising in this amazing place.

29 desolationsound

50z Stb Full side 7.9.13

It's week #2 and already, the 50z is beginning to show her pretty shape.

50z Stb Tran Corner 7.9.13 5

big gyro

Sailboats offer more comfort in a seaway because the sail provides resistance to rolling.  A powerboat may not heel with the wind… but, no matter how stable, will roll to some degree in a seaway…particularly at slower speeds when fishing, watching a boat race, etc.  That's history. The 50z will stay upright and not roll like a powerboat or heel like a sailboat…. the best of both worlds.  It's 1000 lb. weight is secured amidships in the bottom of the boat with a structure having the strength of an offshore sailboat.

Two sea trials on different types of boats convinced me this would be the next big step forward in powerboat technology. Once you try it, It's unlikely you'll put up with rolling again!

The MJM 50z is more stable than most to start with... witness ISO Certification as CE Mark Category A Ocean... a stability rating that only two Down East style boats of any size have. The other being the MJM 40z. But, let's face it. All powerboats roll, no matter what the size.

This 9,000 RPM gyro-stabilizer has been out for 5 years and Seakeeper has sold about 1,600 units worldwide, mostly as custom installs on large motor yachts and sport fish. It is well-proven and requires little maintenance. You can read all about this amazing technology at

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