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36z passagecoverChris Caswell, Contributing Editor for PassageMaker magazine, captures the essence of the 36z in this excellent 8 page feature article entitled “Labor of Love”.

Chris joined Mary and Bob Johnstone for a boat ride on Valentine’s Day in Palm Beach as they were enroute to put the boat in the Miami Boatshow after 3 weeks of cruising from Naples, Sanibel, Boca Grande and across the Okeechobee waterway to the East Coast.

Please download the full Passagemaker article here.

boattest 40zpic features the captain's report for the MJM 40z on its website as well as videos of MJMs under construction at Boston BoatWorks. There's also a walk-through of the 40z highlighting the quality of joinerwork and it's unique cruising layout. Bob Johnstone's 40z ZING was used for the shoot in Newport RI.

bobinterviewEXTRA! Interview by Doug Thompson

7 Questions for Bob Johnstone, Owner of MJM Yachts

Focus on efficiency paramount for this boat builder, who also makes time for leisure cruising

Bob Johnstone, owner and founder of MJM Yachts, keeps a keen eye on the Baby Boomer market. He knows that Boomers might slow down physically a bit with age, but that their love of boating probably won’t diminish.

That’s why his MJM Yachts line of boats offers creature comforts and conveniences that make them easy to use and operate. Johnstone, who also co-founded J Boats in 1977, explains in this interview with Southern Boating Magazine, how MJM has weathered the financial storm and how the company plans to move forward.

SB: MJM Yachts was founded in 2002, and over the last nine years there have been significant economic changes in the United States and abroad. How has the market affected your business?
BJ: Fortunately, MJM Yachts, with its builder Boston BoatWorks, has been able to sustain a steady slow growth over the past five years. Granted, it would probably have been higher without the economic issue. But, the demographics are with us, possibly sparked by owner need to become more practical. Experienced boaters are looking for smaller, more fuel-efficient, elegant, easy-to-use boats that require less maintenance. The excitement surrounding the launch of these unique Doug Zurn designed classic-appearing yachts with their “summer porch” layouts surely helped. The look is patented, by the way