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Learn how much more efficient the 29z, 34z and new 40z are than their counterparts. Comparative data is from Power & Motoryacht, Boating, Lakeland Boating and SEA magazine boat reviews as well as from builder websites. With fuel now at $3.20 per gallon and climbing, an MJM can stretch your fuel dollar by as much as 100% or more.

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40z harbor

It’s hard to imagine a better boat than the MJM 40z for the 1025-mile ICW passage from Palm Beach to mile marker “0” in Portsmouth VA on Chesapeake Bay. 40z has the speed to get from one great destination port to the next without feeling confined to the boat all day long and losing walking/exploring time ashore. There’s enough speed to by-pass the day’s intended destination, and keep going on the ICW, putting money in the bank, in order to avoid strong forecasted headwinds the following day in open sounds or wide rivers. When signs say “Resume Normal Safe Operation”, that means 30 knots on a 40z. At 30 knots, you are never bored and would hate to miss any of the interesting sights along the way. When hearing about the 30 knot cruising speed, upon stepping aboard for the first time in Savannah, Mary dismissed the concept as unlikely. 20-22 knots was her happy speed threshold on the 34z. On the 40z, her comfort zone has changed. She’s now driving the boat at 30 knots with a smile, while carrying on a conversation

40z off stern

This was quite a solo offshore trip by Bob Johnstone. 235 miles from Northeast Harbor ME through the Cape Cod Canal to Newport RI in 10 hours. Some interesting observations are made regarding the 40z's features and behaviour at 25 knot speeds in 4-6 foot seas and an incredible encounter with a large whale on the Stellwagen Bank.

MJM Yachts owner, Bob Johnstone, describes his solo 235 mile, 10 hour offshore passage from Northeast Harbor ME to Newport RI aboard the 40z (hull #6) GRACE on September 9, 2009

Little did I know when waving good-bye to Mary at 0620 hrs on Wednesday morning that I would have a very close encounter with a large whale. It was September 9, Mary stood on Clifton Dock and reminded me to wear a life jacket on deck. I was departing Northeast Harbor ME on the 40z GRACE, headed for Newport RI, 235 miles away. It was a spectacular morning, clear and cool with no clouds, sun rising and full moon setting with a light easterly breeze.

40z helm

As we contemplated our route from the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show to Naples on the West Coast, Bob asked, “Which way would you like to go? South around the tip of Florida through the Ship Channel or North through the Okeechobee Waterway?” Memories came back of sailing around the southern tip of Florida 25 years ago in the St. Pete to Lauderdale ocean race. The stars were still out and the sky was just beginning to lighten as we pulled in the dock lines on the MJM 40z “GRACE”. “Let’s go north.” I’d never been through the rivers and canals of central Florida and I was intrigued by the thought of trying out the joystick system in the locks.

40z cruising

The 40z GRACE was the hit of the St. Petersburg Boatshow (Dec 3-7). Bob J drove her back to Naples on Monday, a trip of about 120 miles in just over 4 hours averaging 31.5 knots, adding 90 gallons of diesel to fill the tanks upon arrival, for a fuel efficiency of about 1.3 nmpg. Seas were fairly calm, first in rain then out into the sun near Boca Grande. The most amazing part of the weekend was to see the huge forklift (check the size of the driver) high-stack the 40z like an center console at the new Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club facility near the Gordon Pass in Naples. This is an impressive hurricane proof facility with a great staff and excellent restaurant. There are now 4 MJMs stored there, 2-34z's and 2-40z's.

GRACE stacked

mtbaug17cover124The September 2009 issue has an excellent article by Jeanne Craig entitled "Classic Twist" written after an interview with Bob and Mary J. and sea trial on hull #1 Grateful in Stuart FL in February.

The comment about an owners golf and garden club activities is not quite right. That happened after getting an MJM, not before.